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Colorblocked clutch.

How to color block your clutch, a DIY.

Clutches are a go to for summertime events. And what not a better way to make that drab clutch loved again by doing your own accessory color blocking? I have this custard lemon yellow clutch that I purchased during my college days at Forever 21. For the past year it has been in a box under my bed (a completely valid reason to either donate it to my local thrift store or make it into something better). When I thought about color blocking an accessory, this little fold over clutch immediately popped into mind.
Definitely pleather.
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The color combination of yellow, aqua, and grey is one of my favorites right now (and they also go really well with other bright summer colors). So I decided to add aqua paint with hopes of using the clutch with outfits sporting grey, cream, bright pink, cobalt, green, etc. First, I taped off the section of the front flap that I wanted aqua making sure the tape wrapped around the side of the flap. Then I used a thin flat brush to apply the first coat of paint. (Acrylic paint works best for this project). I let the first coat dry, and then added a second layer, then left it to dry. 

After it was dry to the touch (about 20 minutes) I peeled the tape back. The line was clean and the seeming on the clutch still peeked through (I happen to like the look of it). And, that's it! A quick color blocking diy to bring new interest to my yellow clutch. You could do this with so many accessories. I think someone needs to make a hot pink and bright green combo. I may need to thrift Denver for more clutches to make as gifts!

I am ready to accessorize with my new color blocked clutch and gifted necklace on a summer night about town!

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