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Entryway bench.

Come winter, our little entryway will function as part mud room. It will be a place to take off muddy, snowy, wet shoes and boots. I had been keeping my eyes peeled for a bench that would fit in the space. Seeing as this space is pretty cramped as it is, the bench needed to be narrow and fit on the small portion of the wooden floor between the hutch and travertine. I found this piano bench at the Goodwill this week for $6. After I scored that awesome vintage window in my 2 minute stop in the store, I decided I needed to go back and actually take my time looking around. It seemed to have great potential for more steals. And sure enough, the piano bench was affordable and the perfect size. I am not sure what the purpose of the hardware (maybe handle?) was. I would guess for design. I like it. I also love the curvature on the underside and detailing in the legs.

First, I sanded down the bench until most of the finish was stripped and is felt rough to the touch. There were quite a bit of scuffs on the top of the bench. I did not put much effort into smoothing these out because I planned on making the bench have a weathered look in the end, so scuffs were welcome to stay.

Using blue painters tape, I did a professional job of covering the hardware. Ha. Before priming, I made sure to wipe off any dust and dirt remanants from sanding. I used BEHR enamel and udercoater primer & sealer to apply one thin coat over the entire piece (Again, not worrying about full coverage since I was going to sand some of it away in the end).

With the free quart of "country garden" paint I got at ACE hardware,  I set out to give this wood a new bright and airy look. I went with this light shade of seafoam because I like the color combo with tans and browns, which would show through once weathered and also with the hutch, wooden floor, and coat rack in the entryway. 

I went in with a thin flat brush to do the paint detailing around the hardware. After the paint was dry, I sanded the edges, legs, and a few places along the body of the bench, to give it that weathered look.  A seat cushion may be added later once my sewing machine is up and running and I have the space to make it. We already had a place to hang our coats and hats.  Now we have a place to sit, lace up those shoes, and slip off those boots. Convenient even for placing our bags and misc. things that go in and out of the house on a regular basis. I am so happy with the end result and the fact that I have had some part in making both pieces in our little entryway.


  1. Oh wow that turned out really cool!!! I love how you made it "shabby"! Where is Shelby in this's a tradition. That's part of why we all come here is to see the mascot!!!

    1. Shelby can only appear occasionally. She is the rock star of this blog, so if she was in every post, it would not be as novel when you do see her. And besides, I have to make sure you still come and read even when she isn't pictured :)

  2. i love how you made this into more of an entryway, and i love the texture of the basket underneath your new table!

    1. thank you! it really has become such a functional space, ESPECIALLY having a shoe basket right there :) makes for easy clean up.


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