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Inspired by Crafternoon Delight's racerback tank {a DIY}.

This project I orginally came across at Crafternoon Delight. This is such a quick way to transform that large baggy t-shirt that you have been stuffing away in the bottom drawer of your dresser. This is also the perfect project for those men's t-shirts you come across at Goodwill and secretly wish you could wear, but then sadly realize you would look like you are wearing a sleep shirt. I found one of those very large men's shirts at Goodwill for 99 cents last week. It is worn-in-soft with baby blue stripes, and possibly is from the 80's. When I saw Teal's project at CD, I knew I had to make my own racerback tank. Here is my attempt, with a few glitches (But, hey, that is part of learning during a first try at many projects. For detailed instructions, hop on over to ).

Gather your materials and find a flat surface to work on.
Cut 1-2 inches off the bottom. Set aside for later.
Cut the sleeves off.
Cut the crew neck off. Flip your shirt over. Cut more of a V-shape for the racer back. Cut a bit more around the sides to create a tapered tank back.
Gather your set aside material that you cut off.
Wrap the extra stringy fabric around the back straps to get a racerback look.
Striped racerback tank. I like how it drapes.

I played around with the front neckline a bit. It is not quite how I want it yet. It looks cowly and more of a boat neck. See what I mean in the photo? I took extra stringy fabric from the cut off parts to wrap around the tank straps and make thinner. I am no seamstress and I don't want to just cut, botch it, and regret my scissor moves. Any tips for the front neckline?

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