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Cute as a button, yarn, and glue art. (Part III of III)

Remember when you used to go to summer camp and make the most elaborate pieces of art at the craft table, because it was summer camp and not school, so no one made you stop to do math or go to recess? Yeah, well, I have a lot of those memories, and making this button art took me back. When I was done placing all of the buttons and super gluing them to the canvas, I still felt like something was missing. The piece was missing depth and the texture of the buttons seemed out of place on the plain white canvas. I dug through my stash of fabric and yarn to look for something, anything, until yes! Ivory colored yarn! Still neutral enough yet a great way to add more texture to the art. I knew my lines wouldn't be perfectly straight if I went horizontal on the paper with the yarn, so I opted for diagonal and some wiggle room for character (a.k.a. no pressure to be a perfectionist).
First, I decided on the angle of my yarn and the length I needed for the initial pieces (I glued the yarn in the center first to use this as a reference for where to glue the rest of the yarn on the canvas.)

Using Elmer's school glue, this is how I applied the glue to my canvas (straight from the bottle) before placing my yarn on top. Other glues would totally work, this is just what I had at home. I only put glue on the white canvas (not on the buttons!), however I did drape the yarn over the buttons, so that I could keep the same angle going from left to right (knowing I would cut this yarn away later, see steps below). 

Using the flat side of my scissors, I smoothed the yarn on the glue. I found this to work better than using my fingers to press the yarn down. When I used my fingers they got sticky, obviously, and the yarn did not stay the way I initially placed it.

Once the yarn had fully dried, I began to cut away the yarn that went over the buttons, pressing the yarn fringe down against any glue using the tip of my scissors. (If you cut the yarn prematurely, before the glue dries, cutting the yarn is a glue mess and it pulls up the yarn that you want to stay stuck to the white canvas. No bueno.)

Before cutting the fringe
(You can kind of get a sense of my method to yarn placement in this photo)


Next, I flipped the canvas over (at this point everything should be dry, or else it will stick to the surface you flip it onto). I cut away the yarn fringe that went past the end of the canvas. Once it was trimmed, it was ready to be framed! Woo hoo! And now I can finally show you (I know, it took forever to get to Part III!)

For display, I used a floating frame with no matting (Originally I wanted a white frame with white matting, but that will have to wait since I used what I was able to quickly find at Target. The black looks nice for now!) I still have plans to add text to the piece, but how it would look, the materials I want to use, and where the placement would be is still being decided :) I will be sure to update you with any button art changes. 

So now here is the question: Did any of you make button art this week? Email them over to me and I would love to put them up on the blog! And be warned, if you do this project, you are sure to have sticky fingertips! Totally worth it.

{And, just in case you missed it, Buttons Part I and Buttons Part II}


  1. Looks great! Are you wearing the bracelet I made you in one of your pics??

  2. Yes! It is ! I got it in the mail that day I made the art. Perfect timing, because I was missing you and Cait!

  3. This is really Cute Lauren!! I love it!!


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