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Terrariums, Succulents, & Soil, oh my!

Photo taken at the Valverde Bazaar in Denver. (Note to Self: Make a vertical planter.)

Ever since our trip to Buenos Aires, and stumbling upon the table overflowing with succulents at the open air market (see: here), I cannot help but feel enchanted by these little plants. Add terrariums into the mix, and I am just a goner! Just in case you too can't get enough of succulents and terrariums, both outdoors and in, here are some favorites I've bookmarked from around the interwebs:

1 // West Elm | Glass Terrarium with White Wood Base $35
2 // Urban Outfitters | Glass House Terrarium
3 // Sea & Asters | Chalkboard Planter in Mint $14
4 // Urban Outfitters | Turning Triangles Terrarium $39
5 // Terrain | Glass Plant Mister $12
6 // Sea & Asters | Gold Colorblock Pod $14

7 // Vertegris | Moss Terariums $15

Funky and fun--that is what I think of most when mixing terrariums, a bit of science, and vintage!

8 // The New York Times | The Art and Craft of Terrariums

I absolutely adore the hexagons on this next one.

9 // Pepper Design Blog | Pinterest Challenge: DIY Succulent Planter Box 

Let it be written that I am no expert when it comes to actually potting plants in a way that they will thrive in a terrarium. Thankfully our friends over at West Elm can help out in that department. 

Read more at West Elm | How to Make a Tabletop Terrarium

I think a succulent potted with love, or a terrarium thoughtfully put together, would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift, don't you? And on the topic of planting, last weekend Matt and I built our planter box, and this weekend we will be planting all of our vegetables. I cannot wait to show you! Here in Colorado, Mother's Day is the time to plant. I'm already dreaming of the juicy tomatoes and bell peppers I will pick right outside my front door. If only my mom could be here and not miles upon miles away to plant with me :) 

What are your spring planting traditions? Any terrarium experts out there? (I am curious as to which readers have a green thumb!?) 


  1. Thank you so much for including me in the round up! Lovely inspiration and very much love your blog :).

    1. Oh you are so welcome, Morgan! I just was SMITTEN about your little planter!


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