Pretty & Simple Candle Centerpiece

I am a lover of candles. It's my end of day therapy after a long day of work or a swim. That little flickering light next to me while I write, read, watch a movie, or eat dinner: perfection. When Matt and I enjoyed an evening with Anne and Spencer the other night (sitting around their amazing West Elm dinner table eating a spread of delicious veggies and patties straight from the grill), Anne had a pretty vase with rocks and a candle right in the center. She said her inspiration was Anthropologie (because, if you haven't noticed, they do this same sort of vase and fill display with their delicious Voluspa and Volcano candles all throughout the store). And so, inspired by Anne who was inspired by Anthro, I now too have a little candle center piece. 
You could easily recreate this little centerpiece with a found vase at a thrift store and with rocks or fill from your yard. I happened to be at Target while their Nautical line was on clearance, so I picked up this Threshold hurricane and rock fill for $10 all together. I wanted a taller glass vase and was so happy to find something a bit nostalgic for the coast. (This candle holder is a more simple version from Target, and here is the Nautical hurricane / not shown on sale.)
Centerpieces like these are perfect for summers outside. Instead of a pretty smelling Voluspa, you could put a bug repelling candle in with the fill. Maybe a little pretty addition for a glamping trip? Thinking about having a candle outside on a picnic table makes me realize that Matt and Jayne, my mother-in-law, are outside hauling dirt and gravel for our yard reno! We have a huge haul off and a driveway covered in brick. More on that later. I better get myself out there and help get one step closer to a picnic table and yard worth spending all day and night in. Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Love it! I just used rocks from my yard, but I like what you did! And that nautical vase is sooo cute.

  2. lauren tien6/19/2014

    I love that you used rocks from your yard - I wish I had nice rocks! Thanks for inspiring me, friend :)


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