WEAR // oh, sweet joy! headbands

I am a little smitten with the latest addition to my wardrobe. Anne stopped by this morning and gifted me a few goodies from the oh, sweet joy! shop. I couldn't make if out to the Firefly event in Boulder to see Kim's handmade goods last week, so I was really excited that Anne thought to bring me back a few things. One of them just so happened to be this really sweet headband with a bold poppy print on it. Kind of a perfect fit for me, no? Today I had the day off from work, and completely to myself, as Matt drove out to Kansas yesterday to see the grandparents, so my day was a roll out of bed, launder my clothes, watch Hart of Dixie, and go on a run type of a day. Meaning, zero plans for makeup or a thought out outfit. But thanks to Anne, and oh, sweet joy! the people of King Soopers and the greater Arvada area saw me a little more put together than planned with this really cute headband. (She also got me a wire wrap which I cannot wait to style and wear to work next week!)

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  1. allisonramsing8/03/2014

    Super cute on you!


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