A Me Update

It has been a little quieter around here since New York, and I wanted to say thank you for being patient as my writing and projects have been mostly been on pause (let's be honest, projects have been on pause for awhile now). Lately I've turned to quick photo-logues of our New York adventures (which I am loving sharing with you!) to keep this blog rolling. You see, with two jobs and some other news that I can't wait to tell you about, free time has pretty much amounted to the size of a freckle. 

So thanks for hanging tight. And thank you for being okay with a bit of quiet. I'm still here, but have had to make sure to balance work with the personal, and part of that has been letting go of blog planning, post line ups, and all of that editing piece that keeps things happening here. It'll be back though--promise. And it'll be worth the wait. In the meantime, its a go with the flow mentality to this little blog, so be sure to still pop in.


  1. Ida Hatfield2/09/2014

    Quiet is good too. Love you!!

  2. Girl, I feel you! I'm keeping my blog a bit quiet these days, too. It's important to step back and prioritize.

  3. I'm in the same boat. I think my personal blog has been about two weeks static and I have found such peace in that. Rest up, Lauren!

  4. lauren tien2/15/2014

    you're so right, quiet is good, i need that reminder in my life!

  5. lauren tien2/15/2014

    prioritizing, oh yes. a big goal in my life right now :) thanks for your encouragement natalie!

  6. lauren tien2/15/2014

    its easy to get caught up in the pressures to blog perfectly--but i love that my most cherished readers support me stepping back, and understand the real place that this little blog is, and the real me that is behind it. thanks for the push to rest up, friend!


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