Mint, Gold, & A Dog Portrait

A week or so ago a package arrived on my doorstep. It completely caught me off guard, and upon opening it I was sent to the moon and back. What I found was two of my favorite things. One, the combination of mint and gold. Two, Shelby; only my favorite little German shepherd mix.
What we don't do enough of these days is surprise people with our talents, and use them out of the overflow of our heart, just simply to make their day. Well, Hillary completely made my day. She has made me realize, too, how a simple gesture like painting a portrait of one's dog (and other things like a hand written note or a sweet phone call out of the blue) can really make someone feel loved. We need to do more of that, don't you think? I feel so inspired to do the same for someone else, and brighten their day--making this type of gesture the norm. How different our world might be if we all did something with our talents purely out of the desire to give and make others feel thought of.

When the light hits the gold paint in such a way, oh! if you could only see the effect of its shimmer and how it brightens the room. And Hillary totally got Shelby's look down pat, don't you think?


  1. Ida Hatfield2/25/2014

    That's our Shelby girl alright!!! I love the color combinations and the glow. Shelby is royalty of course , thus the use of gold is appropriate.

  2. Lauren at Found and Favored3/03/2014

    I love this! I am usually wondering how I can use my talent to make money - when using it to make people smile is a much more worthy ambition. Thanks for the thoughts!


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