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Sharpie patterns and new summertime mugs.

I have always loved West Elm, and especially their dinnerware and detailing on plates. They seem to always have fun prints and patterns. When I saw this DIY idea floating around Pinterest (and these his & her mugs on A Beautiful Mess), I knew I had to make my own. I did not have plain white mugs, but I did have two plain green mugs that I hardly ever used (that I got on clearance at Starbucks about 5 years ago). And what not a better way to bring new life to something unused than to add a bit of pattern? 

Materials Needed:
  1. A Sharpie
  2. Plain Porcelain/Ceramic Dinnerware (Goodwill has a great assortment, ranging from 50 cents to $3 depending on the piece!)

Pick up your sharpie, and make your design on your mugs. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. ( I like the free handed slightly imperfect look, so I did not worry too much about my lines being evenly spaced and straight).

Directions for care: Handwash with soap and water, the dishwasher tends to rub off the design over time (You can always touch it up with your sharpie and re-bake in the oven if this happens!)

(thanks favecraftsblog for linking up to this project!}


  1. Oh wow...what a fun idea. This would be a great summer time project for the kids...wanting something to do. Can you use colored Sharpies????

    1. Yes, colored sharpies and metallic sharpies work. If you wanted to be certain, you can get your colors and make a tester mug, maybe with stripes of all colors, bake it, and then once it cools wash with some soap and water, making note of which colors look faded and which wash off. Definitely a fun school aged project (since sharpies are permanent...if you do it with younger children, have it be adult/teacher directed).

  2. Very cute idea,what a difference a pen makes. Look so much better than just plain mugs.

  3. those would make great vases as well. very nice! wonder about using them on clear glass and maybe curing on a lower temp. might have to experiment with that since i have about 8 clear cylindrical vases from getting flowers from the hubs and such!

  4. Jillie, I just added a photograph of the pitcher I made some sharpie alterations on. My thoughts were to use it as a vase when not pouring out lemonade or tea! I am not sure about the glass and sharpie, try it out and let me know how it works! Thanks for your comment!

  5. These are adorable! I'm new to your cute blog!! Great idea to design your own!

  6. FaveCrafts6/06/2013

    Hi Lauren, Thanks so much for the link/shout-out! We are so glad we could feature your project in our Link Love roundup - it's so cute and unique. Have a great day!


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